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Whether you work in a noisy environment or have simply noticed your hearing is not what it once was, now is the time to get a free hearing test. Our hearing is one of our most important senses, and taking proper care of it couldn’t be easier with Shephard & Akay Optometrists.

Set in the beautiful market town of Hitchin, our independent practice is well located opposite St. Mary’s Church. We offer a wealth of experience and tailor our solutions to suit your needs. Everyone is different, and your hearing care should reflect that.


We all have ear wax, but an excess wax buildup can lead to hearing loss if left untreated. There is no need to book in with a doctor to have your excess ear wax treated, though. Our skilled audiologist will advise whether or not you could benefit from ear wax removal during your hearing check. If so, we can carry this out easily onsite, so you could enjoy better hearing immediately. This can be very beneficial to those who use hearing aids, and no matter who you are, you can be sure we will use face mask friendly devices and provide you with safe, personalised care.

Kaz Shiraz Audiologist


Qualified audiologist Kaz Shiraz supports our independent team. Kaz graduated with his BSc in Audiology in 2009, working at the local hospital in High Wycombe before graduation and working in Austria for a leading cochlear implant manufacturer. Nowadays, Kaz brings his wealth of knowledge of both the technical and personal side of audiology to our practice. He provides a unique service to each patient and is skilled in ear wax removal methods.

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You may be nervous about booking a hearing test or may not think you need one – but there is never a bad time to check on your hearing. At Shephard & Akay Optometrists, we can provide hearing protection advice, support for tinnitus management, and hearing aid batteries. We also have top quality invisible hearing aids, which come with an up to five-year warranty and lifetime aftercare. They are also fully rechargeable. We even provide repair and servicing, so your hearing is always as good as it can be. 


Please note that our consulting room is upstairs. If you have any questions about accessibility, please let our audiologist know at the time of booking your appointment.

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