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Daily contact lenses represent the ultimate in comfort and convenience as they eliminate the need for daily cleaning and disinfection. They can be worn either on full-time or occasional basis. They are simply discarded at the end of the wearing period. Having fresh lenses every day helps to maintain your eyes in optimum health.


With daily contact lenses, you can wear them as infrequently as you like. The packs of contact lenses normally have long shelf life. Therefore, if you buy three months’ supply and only wear them a couple of times a week, the box would probably last you for a year. Some patients choose to wear lenses only for certain sports, evenings out or holidays, and this is fine. However usually once you have tried the lenses and experienced the comfort, convenience and excellent vision you will probably want to wear them more often! Daily disposable lenses are available to most prescriptions including toric lenses to correct astigmatism, multifocal and coloured contact lenses. We usually suggest daily disposable lenses as the first lens of choice for children. These contact lenses are the easiest to use and offer the best health benefits. They are also economical if your child should lose or break one. The lenses are single use thus eliminating the need to clean or store the lens which can be difficult for children to comply with.



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